Kosovo; the land flowing with milk and espresso, put the two together and you have some of the best tasting macchiatos on the planet. We aren’t sure if the macchiatos truly are that amazing, or if we just like them because they’re only 50 cents. Regardless, we’d highly recommend this beautiful country to anyone traveling through Eastern Europe.

While the macchiatos are at the top of the list, they aren’t the only reason Tyler and Tray have spent the last two summers there. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “climbing up the walls?” Well, now you have. The students at the Kosovo Leadership Academy (KLA) are literally climbing up the walls thanks to the design skills of Tyler and Tray and the generous support of so many others.

climbing wall


While Ty and Tray schooled the students at the KLA in the areas of Art and Design, the students schooled them in the art of futbol. It was a humbling experience considering some of the students are less than half the age of Ty and Tray. The Kosovo Leadership Academy is located in the city of Mitrovica and is an English speaking grade school with 60 students and counting. The “and counting” part of that last sentence is where you come in. Caps4Kosovo donates $2 towards a student’s education at the KLA for every cap purchased. We are passionate about the KLA because it gives the students an opportunity to get the quality education that this war torn country cannot yet provide. Since Kosovo recently gained its independence from Serbia in 2008, the KLA’s mission is to develop fearless leaders who will guide the people of Kosovo in the right direction.

We are very grateful for your support of Captiv because, in turn, we get to support a cause that is very near to our hearts.

Until next time,

Trayton Ojala