Sell One

So, how many caps have you sold? Are you guys making money yet? If you’re one of the many people who have asked us these questions we thank you for taking interest, this update is for you. If you haven't asked us these questions, ask now and re-read this paragraph.

While we were in the process of creating the Original Wooden Lens Cap, we often wondered if people would actually like them enough to purchase. We were then challenged by our professors and mentors with the concept of “Sell One.” This became our battle cry as we focused on selling one cap. Well, good news! We’ve sold one! Actually, we’ve sold more than one. We’ve sold enough caps to afford an expensive company dinner.

Expensive Company Dinner

Expensive Company Dinner


In the two months since our initial launch we’ve learned a few things. First off, there’s apparently a huge difference between Parcel Post and Media Mail. For instance, one will get the product to the customer on time and the other one will take three weeks to finally end up back on our doorstep. A special thanks to our favorite postal workers, Steve and Barb, for explaining that conundrum to us. More on that story in a later post.

Another lesson that we’ve learned in this process is that four out of five Americans suffer from what Captiv calls, LCSU. This stands for Lens Cap Size Uncertainty. If you are in the 80% that do not know how to find the cap size on your camera lens, do not fret! Help is on the way. We will be releasing a short video explaining this one-second process soon.

We’ve saved the best and most exciting lesson for last, you guys actually like our caps! We have sold caps from sea to shining sea. People from Maine to Florida to California and a few places in between are using our lens caps. Thanks to everyone for the support. The best is yet to come.

Til next time,

Trayton Ojala