The idea behind Captiv Co started in the Grand Canyon with a simple question, "Why are all lens caps boring?" Since then, we have worked hard to build a lens cap that artists can be proud of, a lens cap that is anything but boring or normal. Captiv invites you to join us in the fight against normal, be different, and go against the grain. 


Crafted in CBUS

We cut and finish all of our wood in Columbus, OH. Our t-shirts are made and printed in the USA.


Reclaimed Wood

We use reclaimed hardwoods when making our caps!



We traveled to Kosovo and we want to give back! We donate $2 to a student's education for every cap we sell! 


The People




When Ty sees a "Keep Out" or "No Trespassing" sign he reads it as "Welcome". You could blame this on his homeschool education but his sister is doing just fine sooo... While hiking in the Grand Canyon, he came up with the idea for the wooden lens cap and has since conned a few of his friends into helping him. His hobbies include: jumping off of things, finding abandoned buildings and doing anything that scares his mother. He is currently on a quest to find the best peanutbutter and jelly milkshake; winner: Krema Nut Company! 



Forever known as "Jocelyn's brother", Tray has never come across a gray sweatshirt that he doesn't like. In fact, the movie "Fifty Shades of Gray" was originally written about his closet. He is fluent in two languages, English and Sarcasm. When he is bored, you can find him scrolling through Instagram on his desktop computer (who does that?!) while simultaneously watching a documentary from the far depths of Netflix that not even your Grandma has enough time to find. 



Jocelyn's plan to ride the coat tails of one of her successful brothers has not come to fruition so she is now just taking what she can get. Her hobbies include: Duke basketball, Dunkin' Donuts and of course... knitting? She regularly goes on bike rides but only when there is Ice Cream involved. She likes her coffee iced and her Instagram feed chronilogically ordered, @instagram. Her goal for Captiv is for it to be on NPR's "How I Built This" podcast but she'd settle for "60 Minutes".


The Products

Here at Captiv Co we work hard to design and create products that are original. It's all a part of our goal to Go Against the Grain, except when sanding. We definitely go with the grain when we sand.

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